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Tao Zen Wing Chun is a martial art school specialising in teaching an internal approach to Yip Man Wing Chun based on Tai Chi principles, Taoist qigong and Zen philosophies.

Yip Man Wing Chun is renound for its simplicity, practicality and directness as demonstrated by the late Bruce Lee and Wong Shun Leung.   Tai Chi, on the other hand, enables its practitioners to tap into the power of the universe through its circular flow.  The combination of Wing Chun (linear) and Tai Chi (circular) provides practitioners the best of both worlds.

Taoist qigong clears all energy channels, recharge the energy and tap into the Universe qi.  The cultivation of Taoist qigong requires a good understanding and application of the Taoist philosophy of Wuwei (undifferentiated yin and yang).   In a similar vein, the Zen philosophy of non-self and nature as it is, helps maintain a state of non-attachment.

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