Attack is defence and defence is attack

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When somebody is going through a difficult patch in life, a friendly word of advice often goes like, “we win some and we lose win”.  It does seem to soothe the rough patch somehow.  We know that there is no such thing as winning all the time. We must go through loses as well.  If that is the case, why don’t we learn to lose in a way that will benefit us.  There is a saying, “when you lose, don’t lose the lesson”. That’s the key to losing so as to win.

A student who studies hard but not getting the desired results needs to examine the reason for the poor results instead of getting depressed.  Instead of being on the defensive and look for excuses for the lack of results, the student needs to attack the problem and find the solution. Is the study method ineffective?  Is there a concentration problem?   Once the true cause is known, the student take action immediately to rectify the problem.  In this case, the proactive action to rectify the problem is the best defense against poor results.

Wing Chun applies this concept very earnestly.  It doesn’t believe in defense only.  Defense without attack does nothing in stopping the aggression.  Yet attacking without defense is equally futile as your opponent can equally attack with aggression.

Wing Chun chain punching is a very good example of how this concept is being applied.  In punching, the elbow is sunk and the arm is powered by the foot. The arm structure with sinking elbow protects the body from getting hit when punching.

In sticking hands, this concept is even more critical. By focussing your forward force towards the centre, all defenses lead you to hitting or capturing the opponent’s centre. It’s like a heat seeking missile. When we get hit we don’t freeze into inaction and lament the fact.  We learn from the mistakes and adjust our arm position instantaneously to launch a counter attack.  So make sure your attack serves the dual functions of striking and defending.

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